Seven Tips To Start Building A Flags You Always Wanted

Advertising flags are offered in many different styles, shapes, sizes, colors and come with single-sided or double-sided printing. While in Utah, come visit our Showroom where we have an enormous selection and thousands of related items including lake themed garden flags accents and home accents, with new items arriving daily. If I can recall correctly, there are at least two other guys there running their own home «Frankfurter Wars» games. If you print the entire image so that it is 120mm high, the flags will be the correct size for 1/72 or 20mm. These are deliberately far lower resolution than, and therefore inferior quality to, my previous efforts, but I found that at 20mm scale you can hardly tell the difference, so these are from Cheap’n’Nasty Productions Inc — not recommended for 54mm armies. I’ve spent a couple of interesting evenings searching for antique fonts on the internet (and that’s free fonts, boys and girls), and I’ve found a lot of interesting stuff, but I find that it is very hard to get graphic designers or font specialists to stray far away from the Germanic «Olde English» lettering I used to see on marmalade labels, and in general their products are far too slick and far too marketing-oriented for my purposes.

I think I would have to see this with my own eyes. In an ideal world, I would like to be able to hand paint my flags, but I don’t have the skill and the results would disappoint me, so I print them on the posh graphic printer, using posh photographic paper. I’m using 20mm figures, mostly Les Higgins, but since Higgins never did a standard bearer I’m looking at a choice of Hinton Hunt (don’t care for the cast flags, so would have to mod them and equip with wire poles), SHQ (a bit chunky) and Tumbling Dice (also a tad chunky). All of our custom made flags are printed using a direct dye sublimation printing process. You additionally can use custom flags to feel like a world class delegate for your association, thing, or organization! And, depending on regulations in your area, they can serve to reinforce a brand or announce a special event, like a sale, or new arrivals.

Stop right there. I don’t like it. There is no equivalent record for the other side. A good proportion of the Royalist units which fought in the area came in from elsewhere, involved prominent colonels and already had a significant reputation and war record. Recently I’ve been looking to produce some more examples of convincing-looking flags for Spanish irregular units in the Guerra de Independencia (Peninsular War). Tyldesley’s lot wore red, probably, and Prince Rupert’s units were in blue, and it seems that a good proportion of the more soldierly of the Parliament units were probably uniformed in good old Northern grey or off-white. I have to crack on with my reading — in particular I want to find out more about the Northern Association. As one of the sideshows of my wargaming, I enjoy researching, designing (or «laying out») flags with PaintShop and printing them up in the correct size for issue to the 20mm troops. Here’s another of my occasional posts featuring home-made flags produced with PaintShop Pro — as ever, it’s stuff I’ve been working on for myself. I have a good number of reference books on this stuff now — it is clear that the flags were about 6½ feet square, and the older books show them mounted on big long poles — even some contemporary illustrations from the National Army Museum, reproduced in Philip Haythornthwaite’s lovely The English Civil War 1642-1651 — an illustrated military history, show a pole about twice the height of the flag.

Well, for a start I cannot promise that all the above units ever appeared on the same field at the same time — in fact I’m pretty sure that there are a number of instances here of impossible combinations — units that may never even have existed at the same time. In other words, what you see here was to some extent constrained by lack of money or time, but it represents a contemporary style. Pennants are fun to wave at games to exhibit your support, and additionally it’s fun to see other fans wave their own flags too. I worked out that I could fit 2 glass shelves between each pair of wooden ones, giving enough height for standard bearers and chaps on horses (and those delicate games of leapfrog which are always needed to get the right units for the evening’s battle), so I got some heavy quality quarter-inch armoured glass shelves made up, polished all round, and fitted them — it was a lot easier than I expected. As ever, the tasteful green background is just to make it easier to cut them out! It was a big stage, so it took a long time for people to walk up to the lectern and then, after they’d said whatever, to walk back out.

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