Reasons Why Your Faith Must Be Based mostly On God’s Word

How potent is your faith? Many Christians are struggling to have their faith produce the outcomes they desire. Some Christians are even wondering whether or not «this faith thing» is real. It is real; nonetheless, their problem could also be that their faith just isn’t on the right foundation, which is the word of God. This article gives the reasons why your faith should be based on God’s word for your faith to work.

My covenant I can’t break, nor alter the word that has gone out of My lips — Psalms 89:34 (NKJV).

So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God — Romans 10:17 (NKJV).

Christianity is called the «Faith». Faith describes our Christian walk with God. We are saved by faith and we live by faith. Due to this fact, so that you can make it as a Christian your faith should work; in any other case, you can be continually defeated by the enemy when you’re only to achieve out for victory (Already given to you by Jesus) by faith.

What is faith?

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews eleven:1). It is appearing on God’s word. It’s putting the word of God above situations and issues of life. It is believing the word of the Lord as being absolutely the reality and holding on to it till it overcomes.

Therefore, it implies that the place there is no word of God, there shall be no potent faith. God’s word is the foundation on which your faith can work. So, you have to have faith in the word of the Lord.

Why Your faith should be primarily based on God’s Word

1. Faith comes by hearing the word of God

Your faith is constructed up as you hear the word: while finding out the word, listening to anointed messages or reading anointed books. It does not come by being present with the happenings round you, relatively what comes on you most of the time is fear (Faith in the devil). As you hear the Lord speak to you through the above channels, your faith grows to consider Him to do what He had said He would do.

2. God does nothing outside His word

The Lord has no plans of breaking His covenant or altering what has gone out of His mouth. He will not change His words for any reason or anybody whatsoever. Whatever you want Him to do for you have to be in line with what He had said in His word. Subsequently, so that you can get the Lord’s consideration, your faith have to be primarily based on His word.

3. God watches over His word to perform it

The Lord is not moved by our circumstances or tears per se, but He’s always moved by faith in His word. He watches to see you train faith in His word for Him to carry out it in your life. This is why folks could also be crying out to Him for assist, one will probably be answered and the opposite will not be answered. One is exercising faith on what God had said and the opposite is not.

4. God hears us only once we pray based on His word

The scriptures state that when the Lord hears you, your reply is sure. Nevertheless, He’ll only hear you if you pray in accordance with His will, which is His word. The language God understands is His word. Anything outside His word, He will not understand. If He would not understand you, you have not communicated in any respect, and so you’ll not get an answer from Him.

5. Having faith in God’s word is having faith in God

The Lord cannot be separated from His word. He is His word. So you possibly can’t declare to have faith in God when you do not consider in His word. The word reveals the Lord to you. The more of God’s word you know and consider, the more you may have faith in Him.

6. The word of God will never fail

Whatever the Father says should come to pass, it must accomplish what He pleases and should prosper within the thing for which He sent it. His word isn’t permitted to return to Him void. Even, if it remains one more second, faith in His word should produce His desire.

7. God’s word endures forever

Every other thing may pass away, together with heaven and earth, but the word of the Lord won’t pass away. Whatever, God said will certainly come to pass whether you like it or not, consider it or not. Many of the things He said in the Old Testament have come to pass already; no matter remains will even happen as He had said. This should increase your faith in His word because what He said regarding your challenge, if you hold on to it until the top, it will certainly come to pass.

Abraham (Romans four:sixteen-21)

Abraham had a word from the Lord that He would give him a son from Sarah. He held on to this word for 25 years earlier than Isaac was born. Individuals will need to have mocked him and tried to deflate his faith, but he refused to allow them to shake his faith in that word he heard from God. He was totally persuaded that God who had promised was able to do as He had said. He selected to present the Lord all the glory, praising Him, instead of entertaining doubt. Surely, God visited Sarah as He had said and on the time He had spoken.

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